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Long Term Focus

Aorist is by far the oldest technical staffing service in Colorado, and we focus on one very specific thing - providing technical staffing services for small and medium-size engineering and manufacturing teams in Colorado. We understand their businesses, we understand their needs, and we’ve developed the tools to find the right people for their teams. From design and development to manufacturing systems to quality control, we’ve filled every technical job they have with great long term employees, many times over.

Better information produces better decisions, and our effectiveness is the direct result of the investment we make in screening our candidates. You need good information to select the right people for your team, and no one will work harder than Aorist to get you that information.

When we present a candidate, along with their resume you'll get our notes from their interview and our conversations with their past managers, our observations of their behavior during the process, work samples, reference letters, resume amplifications - and a far better understanding of the candidate. Allow us to show you a typical Aorist presentation, and you'll see what's been missing in your staffing decisions.


Who can predict the future? The only certainty is that things will change, and you will have to adapt. Whether you need contract, contract-to-hire, direct placement or payrolling services, Aorist can give you a lot of options. We can even enhance our screening process to drill down on particular areas of interest, and make sure you're getting the information you need. What matters most is that we clearly understand your goals so we can focus on creating the right relationship with the right person.


Aorist is a proud member of The American Staffing Association, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards in our industry. Every member of our staff is certified in employment law by ASA, with a special emphasis on technical staffing issues. Our employment and service agreements are state-of-the-art, and incorporate the latest updates in Colorado and Federal employment law.

Beyond the law though, is simple respect. Our candidates are people, not commodities, and we treat them with the courtesy, fair play and respect that every person deserves. We learned long ago that today's candidate is tomorrow's customer (and vice versa), so we go the extra mile to cultivate positive, professional relationships with the community we serve. After all, sooner or later, we expect to be seeing them again.

Thanks for your time today.

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Technical Fields

  • Advanced Materials / Metallurgy / Ceramics - Development / Processing / Applications
  • Aerospace / Aircraft / Avionics
  • Architectural Design / Urban Planning / Landscape Design
  • Building Systems - Facilities / HVAC / Plumbing / Fire Protection/ Lighting / Security
  • Civil / Geotechnical / Mapping / GIS / Surveying
  • Construction / Site Planning
  • Control Systems - PLC / HMI / SCADA / Instrumentation
  • Conveying / Bulk Materials Handling
  • Electrical Power - Generation / Transmission / Distribution
  • Electro-Mechanical / Electro-Optical / Telecommunication Equipment
  • Electronics / Firmware / Printed Circuits
  • Energy Management / LEED
  • Environmental Assessment / Remediation
  • Graphic Design / Illustration
  • Industrial Design / Product Development
  • Industrial Engineering - Ergonomics / Productivity / Safety / Hygiene
  • Mechanical - Machinery / Equipment / Production Systems
  • Medical Equipment / Devices / Instruments
  • Manufacturing Engineering / Plant Layout / Tooling / Methods
  • Mining / Minerals Processing
  • Molding / Casting / Extrusion
  • Packaging Design
  • Pipelines / Compressor Stations
  • Process Equipment / Piping - Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology / Petrochemical / Nuclear
  • Quality Assurance / Control
  • Reliability / Maintainability
  • Research & Development / Testing / Failure Analysis
  • Solar Energy Conversion Systems
  • Structural - Buildings and Industrial Equipment
  • Transportation Systems - Automotive / Rail / Heavy Equipment

Technical Positions

  • Engineers / Architects
  • Project Engineers / Managers
  • Designers / Drafters / Checkers / Job Captains / Digitizers
  • R&D Technicians - Electronics / Mechanical / Testing
  • Lab Technicians / Chemists
  • Documentation / Configuration Managers
  • Product Application Engineers
  • Components Engineers
  • Stress Analysts
  • Graphics Designers / Artists / Illustrators
  • Technical Writers / Editors

Manufacturing Support Positions

  • Production - Estimators / Planners / Schedulers / Inventory Mgmt.
  • Purchasing - Buyers / Expeditors / Contract Administrators
  • QA / QC - Engineers / Managers / Inspectors
  • Calibration / PMEL / Metrology Technicians
  • Equipment Maintenance Technicians
  • CNC Programmers