Aorist is different

Are you a commodity? A drop in the ocean? A line of code?

Or are you a unique individual, with special talents and values that you apply to your life and your work?

Aorist is a Technical Staffing Service—by far the oldest in our region—and we are also unique. In an industry dominated by commodity providers, we embrace the individuality of our candidates and our clients. No two are alike, and each one deserves our respect and special attention.

At Aorist we'll invest the time to get to know you, because we plan to work with you throughout your career. Today we may meet you as a candidate, but tomorrow you may be our client. Through the times of your life and the stages of your career your needs will change, and we'll be there to help you.

We work with engineering and manufacturing companies, creating the technical teams that create our future. An amazing new world is evolving before our eyes—a world created by our engineers, designers and technicians. But through it all, our core values will never change. Respect for our fellow humans, integrity, professionalism and personal honor—at Aorist it's in our DNA. It's what we've been doing for over forty years, and we're just getting started.